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Motion Graphics

These are my examples of some of my motion graphic work!  From titles, logos, to entire videos; I can do it all through my knowledge with indesign, procreate, and of course; After Effects.

BYU Admissions

I have been working for BYU admissions in the Commtech department since I was a freshman in high school.  Since being there I have learned a lot about audio, filming interviews, and a lot of motion graphics/ After Effects.  Here are two projects that I have recently done for some videos that are now being used to help byu students.

7/11 Graphics

Here is some work that I did for a fun spec project for a possible app for 7/11

Cozy Earth

I worked for a time at a company called Cozy Earth and these are examples of Facebook ads that I did using combination of video and motion graphics.

Spec Projects

In the advertising program at BYU we do a lot of spec work for projects!  Here are some examples that I have done throughout my time in the program!

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